City Girls Series

Under the bright city lights, things are rarely what they seem

Naomi Savoy is five days away from marrying Jordan Lennox, the man of her dreams, when she is faced with her worst nightmare. Her sister is missing. When her search for her sister sets her on a path into her past, she is forced to ask for help from the last person on earth she ever wished to see again - Garth Duhaney - a man she has both loved and hated for most of her life and whose power over her she has never been able to break. | Kobo | Nook books

Sparks fly when Image Consultant Morgan Cox meets her new client Derek Wynters. He thinks she's shallow and she thinks he needs a major makeover. Working together seems near impossible. But unexpected attraction between the two creates an even bigger problem - how to keep things professional distance when everything suddenly becomes personal. | Kobo | Nook books

Portia Wynters has finally gotten her life under control and she is not letting anyone take that away from her. Not the financial analysts and their predictions for her company; not her brother and his bad business decisions; not the voices in her head; and definitely not Khai no-last-name, even if he did get rid of her stalker neighbour and is too handsome for his own good. No. She is absolutely never ever dating Khai. At least not again... | Kobo | Nook books

Isaacs Family Series

Is there anything you wouldn't do for family?

Get You Good

Sydney Isaacs has two priorities: her family, and Decadent, the gourmet pastry business they founded almost three generations ago. But both are in jeopardy when her brother, Dean, announces his sudden engagement to the conniving Sheree Vern.

Sydney is not letting go of her family's legacy without a fight.  But when the consequences of her actions threaten to destroy everything she values most-including her faith can she make things right with her brother, her boyfriend Hayden, and with God?

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Hitting the Right Note

JJ Isaacs' dream of becoming an R&B star has come true, and it's all thanks to Rayshawn, her amazing producer--and secret lover. But as JJ enters the spotlight, the relationship gets harder to disguise. And the more she hides the truth, the more distant she feels from her faith, and from her family's approval. Until she meets Simon...

Dr. Simon Massri is only in town to help her sister-in-law's difficult pregnancy. But the more time JJ spends with him, the more she questions her choices--in love and in work. Now she'll have to face some tough decisions. Can she make peace with an uncertain future--if her heart is in the right place?...

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Other titles...

Someone to Call Home *a short story*

When Piper Blake left New York for her hometown in Port Charlotte, Florida she only expected to be away for a few days - just long enough to sell her grandmother's house and wrap up her affairs. She expected to find a lot of old junk and sad memories. What she didn't expect was handsome childhood friend Jackson Crawford. But the moment he walked up the steps of her grandmother's porch she knew that he was exactly what she needed to get her through the days ahead.

But things are different now for both Piper and Jackson. And while their friendship wants to take a turn towards the romantic, there might be too much of the unknown standing in the way. Will the details of the missing years quench the flames of the present moment? Or will Piper find home in the place she least expected?

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One Way or Another

Toni knows what she wants, and she's usually pretty good at manipulating people to get it - especially when it could mean her byline on the front page of the morning paper. But she hits a wall when she meets Adam Bayne, the sexy but stubborn head of the Jacob's House Young Men's Rehabilitation Centre, who refuses her access to her next big story.

Adam knew Toni would be a problem the day he watched her try and bargain her way out of arrest charges. So there was no way he was letting the law-breaking woman anywhere near any of his boys. But when Jerome Douglas' court case takes a turn for the worse, and Toni offers them a solution, it's hard to say no.

Soon they are both more entangled in each other's lives than they ever intended. And when the secrets of both their pasts come to the surface they must count on their faith to get them through, one way or another.

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Man Enough For Me

Jules Jackson is more or less satisfied with her life. Sure, her job as a Toronto based publicist can get pretty hectic, and her relationship with her mom is less than perfect. But her relationship with God is enough to get her through those minor patches. Yes she is pretty content. That is until the night she meets Germaine Williams, while promoting a client who is performing at Germaine's lounge. Before she knows it, she is throwing caution to the wind, and falling hard for a man she has just met.

But Germaine isn't all that he seems, and when Jules start asking questions, things start getting more complicated than she planned for.With everything in her life up in the air, she must decide whether she is willing to give up what is sure for something and someone that is more than she could ever ask for.

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