Hi! I'm Rhonda and depending on how or where you met me you might know me as an english teacher, a youth worker an event planner, a traveler or a host of other things that I have dabbled in during my short time on this earth. While I was doing all of those however, I was always a writer. You can ask my friend Simone who used to have to read the stories I wrote in my eigth grade notebook while I should have been paying attention in class. It was a fair trade though, cause I always read hers!

Anyway, here I am now, twenty-something years later, still writing and still loving it. I hope you enjoy my stories as they all have pieces of me and the things most important to me - my friends, my family, my endless (so far) quest for love, but most importantly my faith. And as you read, I hope you find pieces of you in there also!

© 2017 Rhonda Bowen. Toronto, Ontario
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